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We often get questions from clients asking about certain aspects of their auto coverage. We love answering these questions because we believe education is important.

Surprisingly, many people do not ask questions until they need to put in a claim. This is understandable, but it is also unfortunate. 

In a perfect world, you would know as much there is to know about your auto coverage before you need to put in a claim. 

That is why we have prepared your go-to list for what you need to know about liability coverage within your auto policy.

What is covered in liability auto insurance?

The details around every claim are unique. There is no way for an insurance policy to cover every event. Therefore, it is important that you review your policy details with your broker frequently so that you are aware of your policy’s limits and exclusions.

Auto liability insurance coverage specifically helps cover the costs of the other driver’s property and any injuries they experience during an accident if you are found at fault in the accident.

Do I need auto liability insurance?

Yes. Liability insurance is required by law. While the amount of coverage can vary depending on your policy, a minimum amount of coverage is required. 

Keep in mind that lesser coverage may mean that your policy does not account for certain costs that may be incurred in the event of an accident.

“If you are at fault for an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage to others, you need to be able to cover all of the potential bills. This includes paying for your legal defense if you are sued for an accident, you caused and any judgments and settlements that result from a lawsuit against you.” – Ashley Kilroy, Forbes 

What are the types of liability insurance? 

There are two types of auto liability coverage; bodily injury and property damage. 

Your liability coverage depends on your unique policy. It also depends on the details around how your vehicle will be used. 

“If you own an automobile that is operated on a highway in Ontario, certain insurance

coverages are required by law. You may also choose to buy additional insurance to

extend these coverages to protect against other risks.” – Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) Owner’s Policy.

Keep in mind that you can always purchase additional liability coverage. Simply contact your provider to discuss your options. 

What is bodily injury liability insurance?

Bodily injury liability insurance helps to protect you if someone else is killed or injured.

The bodily injury liability section of your insurance policy may help to protect if you are the at-fault driver. This means that you will not be liable for the other person’s ongoing medical bills, loss of income, or funeral costs.

What is property damage liability insurance?

Property damage liability insurance helps to protect you if the other driver’s vehicle is damaged. Liability insurance may also help protect you if someone decides to pursue legal action against you.

“If you are sued for causing the accident, liability insurance also pays for your legal defense costs. Without sufficient liability insurance, you could be on the hook for any expenses that exceed your policy limits.” – Ashley Kilroy, Forbes 

What is not covered by liability auto insurance?

Liability insurance provides protection against damage you inflict on others and their property but does not cover any of your own damages.

Does my liability insurance cover me across Canada? 

Your policy covers you for incidents occurring in Canada, the United States of America, and any other district designated in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.

For more information, please refer to the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) Owner’s Policy.

Do I have liability insurance for a rental car?

It is important to know that it is not a guarantee that rental car coverage is included in your policy. When renting any vehicle, be sure to ask all questions related to your coverage before signing anything. 

How do I get liability insurance for my car?

At BKIFG, you control the price, coverage, and outcome. With over 20 markets to compare, we have auto insurance options that can help you to rest easier at night. 

“Before you start shopping, list the things your car insurance should cover. This includes personal liability and collision coverage and other features like uninsured motorist protection or rental reimbursement.”Cowra Guardian 

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