We are excited to announce that Brenda Fletcher has joined our firm as our Cyber Insurance Expert.

Benson Kearley IFG is committed to being a best in class insurance brokerage and promise to deliver the expertise and coverage to protect your business in these rapidly changing times.

Our experience in the past couple of years has shown us that Cyber Security issues are now the biggest threat to your business. Not just the high profile examples that we hear about on the news, but many of our clients are experiencing an increased number of claims for Data Restoration, Business Interruption, Extortion & Ransom, Cyber Theft, Privacy Breach, Social Engineering, and Reputational Damage.

Brenda has an extensive background in this area having joined us from a National Insurance Company working in the Cyber Claims Department. Her expertise in this area will allow us to identify and protect your business from the risks you are exposed to.

We are committed to being an industry leader in Cyber Insurance and the expertise Brenda brings to our clients will enhance this.

Learn more about cyber insurance and how it is an invisible threat to your business.