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Home For Holidays!

Sometimes it takes more than desire to bridge distance. In 2011 we launched our first community contest—to bring home a family member for the holidays!

Sometimes it takes more than desire to bridge distance...

Community is the fabric upon which business and family entwine. It hosts the merger of self and world, and contains innumerable passions, habits and persuasions. Community is brick and mortar as well as a collective enterprise of the imagination. To us, “community” is a sacred thing.

About the Contest

At Benson Kearley IFG we believe in giving back.  One of our core values is "We are an integral part of our community, striving to make a positive impact where we work and live"

That's why we are going to pay to bring your family member(s) home this holiday season (from anywhere – really!).

If there’s someone out there you didn’t think you’d see this holiday season, write us a story about it. Tell us what they mean to your life, about the circumstances that carried them away and why you didn’t think you’d see them this year.

Among the submissions we receive will be one that is particularly heart warming. We’re bringing the person(s) who inspired that selected story home for the holidays, ON OUR TAB.

We want to share that story with the community and give its teller the best possible Christmas.


Submissions are due by midnight on Sunday, November 6th, 2016.

Our 2014 Contest Winners!

Congratulations Thorimbert Family!Santos Family - Watch Video Now

There is nothing more earth-shattering than the unexpected loss of a loved one, which is why we were nothing less than honoured to help reunite the Thorimbert family this holiday season.

After the loss of their son-in-law Nathan in early September, Cyndy and her husband, Grant wished for nothing more than to have all their children home to share the holiday season together. With family scattered in provinces from British Columbia, to Alberta, we were able to bring unite the entire family here in Ontario - an act that we hoped honoured Nathan, and reminded the Thorimbert family of the love and support that only a family bond can provide.

Congratulations Kit Family!

There’s always someone in the family who is considered the glue; the person who holds the family together in the good times and the bad, through times of trouble and strife.

For the Kit family it is Ma, Chanmolika’s aunt Ty in Cambodia, who is a deeply loved and selfless role model for the entire Kit family. Accompanied with this application was Ma’s remarkable story of survival through the devastating effects of the Khmer Rouge War from 1975-1979. While the visa process did not allow the Kit family to be reunited this Christmas, we are working on reuniting them this year, after 18 long years of separation. Stay tuned!

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Business is an essential, embedded part of this community, and we are conscious of that every day. We represent Benson Kearley IFG outside the office as well as in it, which is why each year we participate in a number of community programs.


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