If you drive a car you have probably wondered how to keep car insurance low. The cost of car insurance varies from driver to driver. Factors such as your location, your age, the type of car you drive, and how much you drive can all play a role in your car insurance costs.

If you’re looking to save money on your existing insurance payment or take out a new policy, read our tips on how to keep car insurance low:

Multi-Car Discounts

When it comes to insurance, loyalty to one provider can pay off in a big way. Insurance companies are likely to reward those who take out multiple car insurance policies with them. If your household has multiple cars, you should consider joining your insurance under one policy. To save even more, you should also consider combining your home and car insurance together.

Pay Attention on the Road

The safer the driver, the less risk you have on the road and insurance companies reward your safe driving. We look at things like your accident records, speeding tickets or any other driving infractions on your record. If you keep your driving record clean, you will likely have lower car insurance rates.

“Insurers have a vested interest in how well you drive, and they will reward—or punish—you for your behaviour behind the wheel.”Reader’s Digest Canada

If you have been in a number of accidents or tickets, your rates will undoubtedly rise.

“Multiple driving violations will spike your rates, which means you’ll be spending more compared to someone with a clean driving record.” Canada Drives

To ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward on the road, keep focused, eliminate all distractions, don’t drive in poor weather, and get your vehicle inspected regularly.

Keep Good Credit

Often people do not realize that your credit is directly tied to your car insurance. A good credit score shows insurance companies that you are responsible and trustworthy which translates to your driving habits.

“Your credit history is a fundamental part of your finances, and insurers look at an applicant’s credit score to determine how liable they might be.”Canada Drives

Reduce Unnecessary Trips

The less you drive, the less risk you have of accidents. Simply put, driving less means that you are less likely to damage your vehicle. Insurance companies consider the frequency of driving as a factor in determining risk, and driving less can lead to a lower perceived risk reducing the cost of your insurance.

Options such as carpooling and taking public transportation can save you money by lessening the number of kilometres you drive each year.

Type of Vehicle

Not all vehicles are the same. Nor are all insurance rates for those vehicles.

When buying a car, it’s wise to do your research on how safe the car is, what other people who have the same car are paying in insurance, and see if the colour of your vehicle may impact pricing. Things to consider when thinking about a new car are crash test ratings, left scores and its attention-grabbing features. All of these things impact the cost of your car insurance.


The higher the deductible of your insurance policy, the lower the premium. Therefore, we suggest you always ask your agent how your premium might be affected if you raise your deductible.

“Raising your deductible is the easiest (and surest) way to reduce car insurance payments.”Reader’s Digest Canada

Contact one of our agents to learn more about the options you have for your deductible.

Consider Location

While it may seem strange that where you live and drive will impact your car insurance rate, it’s a reality.

For those who drive in higher populated, busy areas such as Toronto, rates will be higher than those who drive in more rural areas like Newmarket. Again, this is due to the increased risks associated with driving in certain areas.

Ask About Discounts

Insurance providers are able to offer a number of different discount opportunities to their drivers. To understand which discounts might be available to you, simply ask your agent.

“Features like snow tires, an upgraded anti-theft alarm system, and driver assist technology that helps prevent collisions can all lower your insurance rate.”Canada Drives

Many drivers can receive discounts if they have taken a defensive driving course, if they have snow tires, use specific tracking apps while driving, and more.

Speak to Your Agent

The best thing to do when considering an insurance policy change, renewal, or when taking out a new policy, is to contact BKIFG for a quote.

Our team is equipped to answer all of your most important automobile insurance-saving questions.