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What does this yes have in store for us? We don’t have a crystal ball and we don’t know all that will happen—both good and not so good—but we can make some choices to help us be in better control of our lives. 

For years, I have taken the time to write down personal goals and business goals. I find it beneficial to have both so that life is somewhat balanced, but I do admit business goals tend to take over. 

Let’s start with the “why,” for without the “why,” nothing really matters or matters as much as it could. 

Do you have a desire to grow a talent, create a new talent, build a relationship, or look for new relationships? All these are important, but what matters most to you? There are no right answers as everyone has different aspirations and desires.

Each year I try to have 10 goals for business and 10 goals for my personal life. For any of these to be accomplished, the “why” must be answered. I always ask myself the same questions: What does my life look like at the end of next year? What would make me happy to see and feel in twelve months time? You can start there and work backwards to now. 

I use a chart with ten goals down the left side with the next column asking the question “why.” Once I understand the “why,” I can then plan out for the year. I set a target for the first 90 days for each of my goals. What step—whether large or small—can I take toward achieving that goal? Every ninety days, I review my progress and plan my next moves. My goals are in front of me all the time. I see them, I breath them, and for the most part, they usually come together. Sometimes how I expected and other times not at all how I thought, but they still happened in one form or another.

Often while we are taking steps toward our goals, we learn and grow and our goals slightly change or they change completely. We don’t have all the answers until we try to move forward. Once we move, things happen. I call these strategic by-products of the original goal. You may even decide on your way to a goal that it is not what you want, so you change gears and focus on more of what you want. 

I will give you an example. I have for many years wanted to take a Psychology course. I felt it would help me understand human behaviour and help me to be a better leader. I did some due diligence and got some advice and signed up for an evening course. After the first night, I realised it was the wrong course as it was too much science and not enough human behaviour. I had to take a few steps back and decide what it was that I really wanted to accomplish. I pulled out of that, and now I am back in the due diligence stage to locate a course more in line with my overall goal. 

Jim Rohn says this about goals: “The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.” It’s not just the goal; it’s what else comes out of the lessons learned along the way. 

Where do goals come from? Sometimes external sources, sometimes the heart, sometimes random thoughts. I find if I get to a quiet place and focus on what’s important in my life or what needs improvement in my life, then goals become clear. Get to a place—a cottage, a resort, or even a library—where it’s quiet and let your mind focus clearly. In today’s world, it is a struggle to find that quiet time with no interruptions by emails or phone calls. 

One of the most important things about writing goals is to do it by hand. When you focus on writing by hand, it slows you down. Neuroscience also states that when you write something down, it builds sixteen times more neural pathways in your brain and makes it more likely you’ll remember and achieve what you write down. 

I always have at least a few BHAGs: “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” Goals that just seem so far out there that anyone who might hear about them would think I am crazy. The thing is, what if I have one of those and actually make it happen? If I never put it out there, it will never happen for sure. Have at least one BHAG every year for your personal life and business. 

The last part of goal setting is about where your head lives. Do you live in a negative space, always expecting the worst things to happen, or do you live in a positive place where your expectations are good and forward thinking? If you have good goals and focus on them, often your mind will shift and stay positive. 

Should you want to have some assistance in goal setting for yourself or your business, don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email at or 289-340-0650, and I will do my best to assist you in making your this the best year ever. 

Remember this as you plan for the year: “Goals should scare you and excite you!!”

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