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Sometimes it takes more than desire to bridge distance. In 2011 we launched our first community contest—to bring home a family member for the holidays!

Sometimes it takes more than desire to bridge distance...

Community is the fabric upon which business and family entwine. It hosts the merger of self and world, and contains innumerable passions, habits and persuasions. Community is brick and mortar as well as a collective enterprise of the imagination. To us, “community” is a sacred thing.

Our 2013 Contest Winner!

Santos Family - Watch Video NowCongratulations Villena family!

A long visa approval process might have prevented a holiday get together, but in the end, no passports or country borders could stop this family reunion. We are so excited to announce the Villena family was finally able to connect!

Paola moved to Canada with her grandparents from the Philippines after her parents passed away. Her aunt, uncle and cousin remained in the Philippines and have never been to Canada. It has been a long 7 years since the Villena family has been together. While we hoped they would be able to reconnect over the holiday season, we are honoured that we could make it happen despite the delays.

Our 2012 Contest Winners!

Santos Family - Watch Video NowCongratulations McGregor Family!

We were ecstatic to make good on Christine’s brother’s promise to be together for Christmas, after Christine took it to new levels — donating a part of her liver to her brother.

Last July, in a matter of days, the McGregor’s lives became a nightmare — Christine’s active older brother, Rod, contracted a disorder that virtually shut down his liver, leaving him 3 days to live. Rod, a husband and father to 2 young children in Victoria BC, was clinging to life with very little options. 

When they discovered that Christine was a match, their family overcame a slew of logistical obstacles to get him a liver donor transplant in the knick of time. While their recovery hasn’t been without complications, the idea of spending the holiday season together fueled the entire family’s positivity.

Their determination to be together for Christmas has been rewarded! We were honoured to play a role in bringing Rod’s family home for the holidays. We wish the McGregor family a happy and healthy 2013!

Congratulations Madrinan Family!

We were thrilled to fly Monica’s parents from Spain to celebrate the holidays with their grandchildren for the first time.

In the late 1990’s, Monica’s parents left Colombia and moved to Spain, while Monica and her husband moved to Canada. As Monica, her husband and children started a new life in Canada, the luxury of travel was out of their reach. Sadly, they have not celebrated Christmas with her parents in 16 years. With time quickly passing, Monica realized that there would never be a better time to fulfill her mother’s dream of celebrating a real “Canadian” Christmas all together than right now. 

We believe in strong families during the holidays and throughout the entire year. Reuniting this inspirational family was a privilege — Feliz Navidad, Madrinan family!

Our 2011 Contest Winners!

Santos Family - Watch Video NowCongratulations Cindy Santos Family!

We flew Robynne’s father-in-law, Piercy, from Nova Scotia to spend Christmas with his son, Larry, and their family—for the first time!

When Larry moved to Ontario and had a family of his own, he was never able to spend Christmas with Piercy and his other family members in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This past Christmas, they saw each other face to face, and celebrated from beginning to end, while enjoying a whole new generation of grand-children and creating new long-lasting memories. They plan not to wait too long until their next visit. 

We believe in the importance of family, and we’re grateful to have made a wish come true for Larry and Piercy during Christmas.

Congratulations Robynne Chapman!

We brought Cindy’s brother home from Alberta to celebrate the holidays with his family!

The last time Cindy and her family saw her brother was through the unfortunate loss of their younger sister nearly three years ago. With the loss of their sister and his long-distance relationship with his parents, Cindy felt that the best gift she could give her family would be the re-connection between a mother, father and their son, and a sister and her brother.

We believe in the importance of connection, and we’re grateful to have rekindled the connection between this family during the holiday season.

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